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Thank you for your interest in my company! Let me take a minute to introduce myself and a little about my canine experience.

My name is Dave Blosser and I bring over 20 years of experience training with working dogs and police canines. During this time I dealt with well over 300 plus dogs used for sport, family protection, cadaver, explosive and narcotic detection and patrol related duties. In 2001, I started my company after seeing many above average pet dogs sold to police departments thinking they had a quality police dog. Sadly, this is still seen today by many well known master trainer kennels. My start into the working dogs was through the k9 sport of Schutzhund then onto personnel protection dog sports, search and rescue k9's and police dogs. Every part of these various canine fields have similar disciplines but most was on a civilian level but through the years of training it has allowed me to develop a very well diverse training program that I offer to students which is what makes my company so different.  Most cops become a dog handler and in a year after that they are now a trainer. Well, there is more to it then just driving to the airport to pick up a European dog and putting it with a department.   

As I trained as a civilian canine trainer I was fortunate to be invited to compete in the Muncie Police Dept. K-9 Olympics which was co/hosted with the now famous Vohne Liche Kennels in 2002. Through competing it was a way to test my skills and training against other police handlers and their dogs from some of which were from the said to be other well known kennels. My first year we took 12th overall and the later years we went on to 1st to 3rd place finishes in narcotic and explosives detection. Now, as a civilian competing against street credited police dogs this was a great accomplishment to me and this was evident that police canine officers are not getting the training they deserve. Today I no longer compete but have other students that I have trained that continue to compete in various police competitions and they too take home many medals.    

Since I started my company I have also sold pre-trained canines and sub-contracted under big facilities like Vohne Liche Kennels and Covenant Securities as an instructor and trainer for their handlers and canine classes. I have taught many K-9 teams that are with local police and state police, federal officers or overseas handlers /contractors. These teams were utilizing their canines for explosives, narcotics, cadaver, disaster work and patrol duties. 

Through the years I have personally helped establish many new canine units for local police departments and Universities for narcotics and explosives. I was valuable to assist with supplying the first dual purpose canine to the FBI located in Puerto Rico. To date, we have had three canines with them. We also have sold pre-trained canines used for other outside police agencies such as TSA and US Military Special Forces. 

If you check through out our pages you can see the results of our teams and it shows we are committed to quality over quantity. Our canine teams are requested more by other agencies to assist them rather by other agencies that don't have our canines because of our success. 

As an canine handler / police officer I understand the demand our handlers will see on the road and have designed my handlers course to make sure they receive the best training to make sure your canine program is successful too. Through my years as a handler I have assisted in numerous presidential sweeps for explosives for current and past presidents during their visits. I have provided private detection services through out Ohio and Pennsylvania for many school districts and shopping malls. With my experience and knowledge you can be assured I will stand behind every dog I sell and guarantee the team will be successful just like the rest!

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If you have a question please don't hesitate to call. 

Thank you again for visiting my site.

Dave Blosser


What People Have To Say

"It was a very nice article and you can be very proud of your success at the narcotics search competitions." 

-Thomas A. Swift
Probate Judge

"Congratulations on the outstanding performance by Spartacus!"

- Marc Dann
State Senator, 32nd District

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