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What’s New from Tri-State K9?
>> Call for Class Schedule 2015-2016

>> Busted- 132 Kilos!!!

>> San Juan PD Heroin Bust

>> New Canines arrived!! 
Looking for a crate or container?

We custom make crates and containers at our facility to meet your requirements. We can make any size, for any animal.

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Welcome to Tri-State Canine Services, LLC!

Welcome to Tri-State Canine Services website. I hope this site provides you with enough information that you realize we are committed to Quality in all of our services and the products we provide. We are a licensed DEA and ATF police canine training facility located in Northeast Ohio. Our canines along with our custom made aluminum K-9 crates are used by both local law enforcement and federal agencies including private security companies contracted by the US government.

Tri-State Canine Services is committed to providing quality canines and training that will exceed your expectations. Our police canine training courses is approved by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA). Our classes cover patrol, narcotics, cadaver and explosives detection. We offer police dogs for sale that have limited training or we offer are fully trained dogs. Tri-State Canine is committed to quality over quantity and this is shown through our customers, why else would the FBI choice us to provide them the first dual purpose narcotic detection dog, we must be doing something right!

If your looking for a high quality aluminum canine crate/kennel we do make our own right here at our facility. We also make ATF approved explosive storage boxes Type II and Type III. If you have a custom design idea give us a call today for a quote!  

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