Personal Protection Services

Why choice Tri-State Canine Services for your personal protection needs?

Our canines serve and protect law enforcement agencies today and we understand what it takes in a canine to protect a person. We are a company that is growing because we are committed to quality service to the customer.


Do you need a protection dog?

Everyday we see it on the news or read about it the newspaper. From minor assaults to vicious attacks, even kidnappings from a stalker or just a disturbed criminal. Society is seeing this daily! These victims are just everyday people like you and me. While others are the high-class figures that tend to offer more to the offender.  What is your option? You need to ask yourself what can you do in deterring any threat that may be against you and your family?

 Most people cannot use the personnel items such as a stun gun, tazer and pepper spray when under extreme stress. But with a properly trained canine you now have a tool that reacts to a threat with confidence and with out hesitation allowing you that added time to protect you and your loved ones. Most criminals will never challenge a well-trained canine and we know this by the canines we provide to police agencies.



How we select our personal protection canines and what breeds.

Our selection of socialized personnel protection dogs is not an easy task. We spend a great deal of time selecting that certain dog that must be comfortable around the family and still be well balanced so it can live close to it’s owners and respond at a moments notice.  

 We offer HIGH Quality canines that are imported from Europe and are offered only to selected individuals that truly meet the desired requirements and commitment that it takes with owning a personnel protection dog. A well-trained dog is a life style change with benifits but realize that there is added training that continues well after the initial purchase.  

The most common selection of canines we offer is German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd. Other selective breeds may be available on special requests. We offer young selection tested, non-titled and titled dogs. Young selected dogs are dogs purchased and are just a young dog that show the desired traits we want but the customer wants the young dog to grow with their family. Non-Titled canines have received a tremendous amount of training but never went to certify. This is not to say the dog can not but we sometimes find them and purchase before they can certify them so we offer at a lower cost. With titled dogs there is the additional time spent in training as well as how high they scored when they certified which makes them of higher value. * Titled canines that receive certification have competed in a selective dog sport competition and are on a limited basis.



How do you learn how to handle your new dog?

When you purchase a pre-trained canine we require a one-week handler class either here or at your location. The handler class will teach and prepare you with all the necessary skills that you need to maintain your new dog. The training is simple and easy with one on one teaching with real scenerios. Once we get you started with your new canine and once you see how easy it is to control a professionally trained canine you will be happy you picked Tri-State Canine Services! We also recommend a 2-3 day quarterly follow up training that will need completed at your location. *Some customer may require additional time and we will adjust schedules to meet their needs.  



We do offer a lifetime of follow up training at no cost. Travel expenses not included. All canines are up to date on shots and a health check is completed prior to pickup. We do require a health check by your veterinarian within 21 days of purchase. We cover all personal protection dogs for compatibility, health and skeletal.




Personnel Protection Young Prospect: $6,000.00 

Personnel Protection Pre-Trained Level 1 Non-titled Dog: $14,000.00

Personnel Protection Pre-Trained Level 2 Titled Dog: $20,000.00  






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