What's New from Tri-State K9?

Spring Class

Tri-State Canine Services provides the first explosive detection dog to the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Next Classes- Spring, Summer and Fall for 2017
                           TSK9 K9 Ary makes a HUGE bust!

132 Kilos of cocaine with a street value of $5.8 million dollars was discovered by our canine! K9 Ary is with the FBI in San Juan, PR.

TSK9 is the FIRST kennel facility to provide drug dogs to the FBI.             

San Juan Police Department K9 Unit

Large Heroin Find, our dogs get results! 

TSK9 is the first kennel facility to establish the first dual purpose dogs with weapons and bomb detection in San Juan. 

New canines arriving through out 2017
Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds
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